Sunday, November 29, 2009

Behind the scenes in A Doll's House

Our dollhouse will be set on stage for its workshop reading this Friday! Below, images from a recent rehearsal at Laluque Atelier Gallery, beginning with an exhausted Nanny, played by Morgan Bargent and little Emmy Helmer, played by Jennifer Robson (who is also the Maid). Thank you to Sabreena Delhon for coming and taking photos!

"Haven't you heard of the Invisibility Hat?" Dr. Rank (played by Philip Borg) asks Torvald Helmer (Rahaman Tunde Agiri) and Nora (Lara Martin):

"Do the two of us have anything more to talk about?" The stormy reunion of Mrs. Linde (Erynn Brook) and Nils Krogstad (Adriano Sobretodo Jr.):

Torvald Helmer (Rahaman Tunde Agiri) bidding Nora (Lara Martin), "Good night, my little songbird."

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